I suppose I could part with ‘one’ and still be feared… Or a guy who burns down a bar for the insurance money! Throw her in the brig. When I was first asked to make a film about my nephew, Hubert Farnsworth, I thought “Why should I?” Then later, Leela made the film. But if I did make it, you can bet there would have been more topless women on motorcycles. Roll film! Oh, I think we should just stay friends. Say it in Russian!

Your best is an idiot! Good man. Nixon’s pro-war and pro-family. This is the worst kind of discrimination: the kind against me! It’s toe-tappingly tragic! But I’ve never been to the moon! Stop it, stop it. It’s fine. I will ‘destroy’ you!

You’re going to do his laundry? I am Singing Wind, Chief of the Martians. Michelle, I don’t regret this, but I both rue and lament it. Oh no! The professor will hit me! But if Zoidberg ‘fixes’ it… then perhaps gifts! I’m just glad my fat, ugly mama isn’t alive to see this day. Negative, bossy meat creature!

But, like most politicians, he promised more than he could deliver. We need rest. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised. Yes, except the Dave Matthews Band doesn’t rock.

For one beautiful night I knew what it was like to be a grandmother. Subjugated, yet honored. Moving along… I don’t want to be rescued.

Now that the, uh, garbage ball is in space, Doctor, perhaps you can help me with my sexual inhibitions? And I’d do it again! And perhaps a third time! But that would be it. Michelle, I don’t regret this, but I both rue and lament it. I was having the most wonderful dream. Except you were there, and you were there, and you were there!